MIATV is a social enterprise that produces media to address social issues and generate impact throughout sub-Saharan Africa. With offices in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, MIATV produces across platforms, targeting media interventions directly at populations at the bottom of the pyramid.


We design African media formats to catalyse change. Our programs provide information, promote awareness, and realise accountability across a broad spectrum of society in a manner never previously seen in the region.


MIATV is a multi-platform producer and seeks to reach its viewers in every way possible: on broadcast TV, on mobile phone platforms, through social media channels and on platforms targeting the diaspora.


We believe Africa’s future lies within the strength and character of its own people. We believe local content is king. We believe well informed and empowered people make the right choices. We believe Africans will watch tv on their mobile and tablets within five years. We believe the diaspora plays a crucial role in the development of the continent. We believe in partnering with organisations that share the same causes.


Media in Africa should reflect the struggles, joys, hopes and challenges of the African people. Access to reliable information empowers citizens to choose in freedom their path of development and hold their representatives to account, without fear or prejudice.

Map: MIATV offices in Nairobi, Kampala and Dar es Salaam


We develop innovative 360˚ cross media platforms that address specific social issues and generate impact. We launch, test and fine-tune these formats in one country and consequently roll them out to others.

  • Minibuzz is a daily current affairs debating show aired in both Tanzania and Uganda. Minibuzz creates pressure on the government to deliver on the promise of good governance and effective service delivery and has a substantial impact on behavioural change. Impact ratio 1:30 (SROI)
  • Mamabuzz is a daily current affairs/debating program by and for women. The format is a modified version of our popular Minibuzz program, reformulated to focus on women and girls. It empowers women, while engaging them in a vibrant debate and a transparent flow of information and is expected to have an impact on gender issues and lead to behavioural change. Expected launch in Kenya in July 2015.
  • Dr Right utilises comedy to bust medical myths and misconceptions. In negating commonly held false impressions and understandings, Dr. Right provides correct and important health information on a daily basis. The program realises health literacy and as such facilitate the overstressed African health care infrastructure. In extended pilot and research phase in Kenya.
  • Afrigadget is showcasing African innovation and ingenuity in developing new products to solve every day problems. The program inspires every African to become makers themselves and shows Western viewers a different Africa. Each episode focuses on a specific sub Saharan country. In production.


Moving forward, MIATV is focused on format diversification (new programs), scaling of operations (new territories) and innovating and diversifying the distribution of its content.