Dr Right

Dr Right utilises comedy to bust medical myths and misconceptions.


Dr. Right is a daily television program designed to bust common medical myths and misconceptions through the use of sketch comedy. The format focuses on medical, lifestyle, nutritional and dietary myths, misconceptions, preventions, cures and treatments. The program opens with a presenter introducing the topic of the day, explaining what has commonly been said and understood about the specific health topic, both true and false, before revealing three comedic sketches – two portraying common false myths or misperceptions about the health topic, and the third one being the correct response, in no particular order.

Throughout the broadcast, citizens will be prompted to engage in our SMS tool to answer if the sketches are right or wrong. The broadcast will culminate in the presenter visiting a ‘Dr Right’, (a specialist doctor on the day’s specific topic), who will provide a factual analysis of the three notions presented in the sketches, to education millions of citizens with the correct factual information. This analysis will be accompanied by info-graphics and other media-tools to get the right messages across.


The broadcast will run in conjunction with far reaching mobile, social media and gaming tools. Prior as well as follow up research will gather vital information on the myths, misconceptions, viewers opinions, understanding and behavioural change in partnership with a ‘Club Right’, to target and educate individuals, becoming agents of change. Ultimately, Dr Right will prompt genuine attitude and behaviour amongst ordinary citizens of all ages and demographics, whilst having the capacity to target women, girls, and minority and vulnerable groups through our media tools specifically.

Dr Right is based on the belief that society permits humorists to say things others cannot or will not say. Humorists convey with impunity messages that might be dangerous or impossible to state directly, thus providing conditions for understanding and behavioral changes that others may fail to achieve. We believe Dr. Right’s compelling, educational and entertaining approach on broadcast, social and mobile media, will ensure citizens are at their most open and receptive to adopting correct opinions, and subsequently changing negative behaviours that are often rooted in tribal beliefs and witchcraft.

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