Our broadcast formats promote social progress and create lasting impact


MIATV develops and produces innovative media formats to address social causes and generate verifiable impact. The issues we tackle are broad and include good governance, healthcare, entrepreneurship, innovation, education, gender and the environment, to name our few. Our ethos is that media in Africa should reflect the struggles, joys, hopes and challenges of the people themselves. We aim not to merely share information in a top-down manner, but to engage our core audience where they are – in their community, their homes and even their commuter bus – and in that way create lasting change.

In 2012, MIATV engaged SROI Africa to conduct a social impact analysis of the program Minibuzz in Tanzania.

For instance, our program Minibuzz is successful because it provides information people want in a bottom up context that is neither prescriptive nor imposed. Viewers take ownership of the format. For many, the program convinced them to take their first steps toward self-empowerment. The show is a significant force in the lives of many unemployed and working poor people. It is widely perceived as the one TV program that brings family and community together — to inform and to laugh, and to provide the means to change the world around them for the better.

Through our programming and related activities, we aim to:
– inform and motivate the citizenry to take action and change behavior
– provide a platform that gives a voice to the voiceless; only through broad based citizen participation can real change be achieved;
– Develop and foster local capacity in the countries in which we operate

The resulting analysis concluded a qualitative research and an impact ratio of 1:30. That is, for every dollar invested, a social impact with a value of thirty dollars is generated.

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